Please see the engine kits we offer below.¬† Great kits for the "Do It Yourself" karter.


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*There will be a Minimum $50.00 quote fee when we tear down your motor and provide quote if you decide not to have your motor rebuilt.

Get Your Box Stock Today!

Basic Motor  w/o Flywheel - Right Out of the Box - $169.00

Block, rod, piston, crank, head, blower housing, pull rope assem., cam, valves, coil, and carburetor


Basic motor with ARC Flywheel - $205.99
(Picture Not Shown)

LEVEL 3 - Race Ready Base Clone Motor
$420   Chain Guard, Silver Top Plate, Fuel Pump, RLV 4117 Muffler, Silver Filter Adaptor, PEC lil pipe, .615 carb, 10.8 springs, BSP3 or CL2 cam, and ARC flywheel.  No clutch, blueprint work, or dyno testing.

Level 5 - Race Ready Pro Clone Motor - a Level 3 motor TOTALLY blue printed and Dyno tuned with an aluminum billet flywheel and weenie pipe - $950.  Big pipe - $1100.  (price includes shipping)

 We will build the Clone to whatever specifications your track allows.

Please note.....New motor orders require a $250 downpayment.

PEC-SBK1 - Clone Short Block Kit
(These kits are built upon order and delivery times will vary.)

- $185 plus shipping and taxes (if applicable)
**Fully Machined and Assembled**

Parts Included:

     blueprinted block

     standard piston

     factory ring set with custom top ring

     wrist pin and circlips

     blueprinted rod

     standard crankshaft stroke 2.126-2.129

     2 oil seals

     2 crank bearings

     BSP-3 cam

     2 lifters

     crank case cover with 6 bolts and gasket

     2 oil drain plugs

     2 oil fill plugs

     2 head dowel pins

     starter cup

     crankshaft nut

     build spec sheet with cylinder clearance and pop up      measurements and run-in/break-in recommendations


     *Short block will be ready for final assembly by customer using their components

     *Customer will be responsible for break-in

     *This kit requires payment upon order



Fully Blueprinted Clone Engine Kit

UNASSEMBLED - stock classes


$285.00 plus shipping and taxes (if applicable)


This kit is a COMPLETE engine including all factory parts ready for final cleaning and assembly with the exception of the following parts...


Parts NOT included:

flywheel, flywheel key, top plate, fuel line, fuel filter, fuel pump, filter adaptor, chain guard, exhaust system


The following parts included with the kit will be FULLY BLUEPRINTED:

block, rod, head (machined to 27cc's, 3 angle valve seats, 10.8 springs, 815 spring check), carb (.615 bore, drilled jets, and comes assembled), BSP3 or CL2 cam, and valve cover with pulse fitting.


**Customer will be responsible for all pre-assembly cleaning and pre-race break-in of engine.

**Kit will include spec sheet and break-in recommendation sheet

**This kit requires payment upon order.