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Don't be fooled. Cut Tires from PEC are the one & only.
Have you ever wondered why your lap times are not quite as fast as some of the "big guys"? Did you ever stop to think that your tires could be part of the problem? Let us help make your lap times faster.

We also have special prep that you won't find anywhere else. We will tell you how to apply or we can prep your tires for you.

Tire Labor Prep Rates

Maxxis HT3 and EL's:   Roll prep $25/set

Maxxis Tire Labor

Mount, Cut, Needle, and Balance

8.0-HT3 - $25  each

8.0-EL - $30 each

6.0-EL - $20 each

4.5-EL - $20 each

Maxxis HT3 pinks and blues - $385/ set on silver wheels -or-

EL tires - $395/ set on silver wheels

includes: mount, cut, needle, stagger, and balance

ELs UNCUT  - $352

includes: mount, prep, wheels, needle, balance, stagger

Tire Prices

Call today to sign up as a tire dealer to take advantage of our tire prices.
Dealer buy-in is $500. Must buy at least one case to get best price.

EL - $172/set when you purchase 3 sets

Maxxis HT3 w/ 9.0s - $197/ set when you purchase 3 sets

The prices above apply to cash sales only. When purchasing with credit card, fees will be applied. Shipping and handling fees will vary.  Sales tax will be added to all in-state sales.  Single sets of tire prices are also available. Please call the shop for all your karting needs. 229-776-2357